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Ramayan Yatra

Ramayan Yatra

Tour Itinerary

Day 01 : Lucknow
Devotees Arrival & Pick-up for Hotel, Brunch Prasadam (Parallel), Naimisharanya Tour, Dinner Prasadam, ON stay in hotel.
Day 02 : Lucknow to Ayodhya
Wake up and get ready, Luggage loading and departure, Bus travel from Lucknow to Ayodhya, Ram Janmabhumi Temple Darshan, Other temples darshan, Hotel check-in, lunch prasadam and relax, Katha and kirtan, Dinner Prasadam & O/N stay
Day 03 : Ayodhya to Prayagraj
Wake up & Get Ready, Mangla Aarti & Japa, Luggage Loading, Breakfast Prasad & Departure for Prayagraj, Bus Travel, Halt for Sringverpur Darshan, Bus Travel, Lunch and Hotel check-in, Evening tour - Triveni Sangam & Veni
Day 04 : Prayagraj to Chitrakoot
Wake up & Get Ready, Mangla Aarti, Breakfast and Luggage loading, Check-out & Bus Travel to Chitrakoot, Lunch Prasad & Hotel check-in, Evening Tour, Dinner and O/N stay in hotel.
Day 05 : Chitrakoot to Varanasi
Wake up & Get Ready, Tour - Trekking and see remaining places, Breakfast Prasadam, Katha & Kirtan with ashram devotees, Lunch, Luggage loading & Departure to Varanasi, Bus Travel to Varanasi, Arrive at Varanasi & check-in Dinner and retire
Day 06 : Varanasi
Wake up & Get ready, Morning Tour, Breakfast Prasad, Shopping and Lunch in Hotel, Evening Tour, Dinner Prasad, Retire
Day 07 : Varanasi to Patna via Buxar
Wake up & Get Ready, Luggage loading, Breakfast Prasad & Departure, Bus Travel, Reach Buxar, Tadaka Van Darshan, Katha & Lunch Prasadam, Bus Travel, Reach Patna & Hotel check-in, Dinner Prasad & Retire
Day 08 : Patna to Janakpur
Wake up & Get ready, Mangla Aarti, Breakfast, luggage loading and check-out, Darshan Aarti at ISKCON Temple Patna, Bus Travel to Janakpur, Lunch Prasad, Bus Travel, Check-in & get ready, Janki Mandir & Mandap Darshan, Katha & Kirtans, Dinner Prasad & Retire
Day 09 : Janakpur, Sitamarhi & Patna
Wake up & Get ready, Mangla Aarti, Breakfast, luggage loading & Departure, ISKCON Janakpur Temple Darshan, Bus Travel to Sitamarhi, Sitamarhi Darshan & Katha, Lunch Prasadam, Bus Travel to Patna, Back to hotel, freshen up, FAREWELL PARTY
Day 10 : Patna to Gaya
Wake up & get ready, Darshan Aarti at ISKCON Patna, Breakfast Prasad & Departure, Bus Travel to Gaya, Lunch Prasadam & Check in Rest, Bodh Gaya visit, Sita Kund, Vishnupad Darshan & Katha, Travel back to Hotel, Dinner & Retire
Day 11 : Gaya
Wake up & Get ready, PIND DAAN/ ISKCON Gaya/ Patna, Breakfast Prasadam, Finale Harinaam Sankirtan (if possible), Pack up, Lunch Prasadam , Check-out and Departure to respective destinations

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Tour Excludes


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