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Char Dham Yatra By Helicopter

Char Dham Yatra By Helicopter

Tour Itinerary

Day 01 : Dehradun

• Dehradun is our main base for the Heli-tours. It is the starting & ending point.
• A complimentary stay on the date of arrival, Dinner inclusive with the stay.
• Passengers are picked up from Dehradun Airport/railway station/bus stand. Please note, arrival details must be provided to us at the time of booking.
• Passengers should try to reach Dehradun by 03:00 pm, or earlier so that they are completely ready to start their Chardham journey the next day early morning.
• In the evening, our team will be doing the tour briefing to the guests, provide them with duffel bags for carrying only necessary things on the trip – 3 to per 5kg person will be permitted.

Day 02 : Yamunotri Dham

Sahastradhara to Yamunotri 0530 Hrs Checkout from Dehradun hotel 0600 HrsETD from Sahastradhara Helidrome 0630 Hrs ETA at Kharsali Heli-Base
• This is starting day of the Chardham yatra. Passengers will check out early morning from the hotel at 05:30 am. They will be picked up from the Hotel by our staff, & taken to Sahastradhara Helidrome.
• After landing at Kharsali, where our ground staff would welcome the guests. The staff will then get the guests settled in the hotel, which is within Walking distance from the helipad.
• After breakfast, guests will be taken for Yamunotri Darshanby Palki. Back to Kharsali.
• Approximate time taken for Yamunotri Temple Darshan: Approximately 05hrs 30mins (round-trip). Yamunotri trek is 06 km one-way. Here we would be providing Palki to every guest.
• Sightseeing at Kharsali: Hot Spring at Yamunotri Temple, Yamuna Mata Temple, Shani Temple.

Day 03 : Gangotri Dham

Kharsali to Gangotri
Guests will check out by 0600 hrs. Departure from Kharsali will be at 0630 hrs Estimated time of arrival at Harsil will be at 0700 hrs.
. After landing at Harsil, guests will be taken to Harsil village & check-in the hotel.
• Harsil – The second destination of our tour, also known for the extensive apple orchards there is the most scenic and beautiful destination of this tour.
• Guests will be taken for Gangotri Dham darshan after breakfast.
• Approximate Time taken for Gangotri Temple Darshan:3hrs 30 mins (round-trip). The road distance to Gangotri temple is approx. 25 km, which is roughly a 50-minute drive.
• Sightseeing at Harsil: Harsil has many places & nature walks around to explore.

Day 04 : Kedarnath Dham

Harsil to Sersi
• Guests will be checking-out by 0630 hrs. Arrival at Sersi will be by 0730 hrs.
• Sersi/ Guptkashi – From here We operate the shuttle services for Kedarnath ji shrine.
• Guests will be ferried to Kedarnath Dham for darshan in a shuttle services flight, after their breakfast.
• Approximate time taken for Kedarnath Temple Darshan:02 hours. The shuttle services flight from Sersi to Kedarnath is approx. 07 minutes long.
• After darshan back to Sersi/ Guptkashi & Chekin to the hotel.

Day 05 : Badrinath Dham

Sersi to Badrinath
• Passengers will have breakfast by 07300 hrs at Sersi & be ready for their flight to Badrinath by 0800 hrs.
• Passengers will be taken for darshan to Badrinath temple in the afternoon after lunch.
• Approximate time taken for Badrinath Temple Darshan: Approx. 01-1.5 Hrs is taken to have darshan at the Badrinath Temple. Passengers will be taken from Hotel to the temple by car.

Day 06 : Badrinath Dham To Sahastradhara Ddn

• Badrinath ji hotel check-out time is 0800 hrs.
• Estimated time of arrival will be 0930 hrs at Sahastradhara. On arrival, our team will be present to receive the guests. Later, they will be taken to the Dehradun hotel to collect the luggage from the cloakrooms, and then be dropped off at the airport/railway station.
• In case passengers would like to spend an additional night at Dehradun, accommodation can be arranged by our team at an additional cost. The same must be informed to us at the HOTEL DETAILS TERMS, CONDITIONS AND GUIDELINES time of booking.
• After the final transfer, we will bid farewell to the passengers. This is the end of the Chardham Yatra

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